Sabrina Haertig is an individual first and foremost. Over the years, she is continuously developing her communicative skills through research, experimentation, and appreciation. Currently enrolled at Cornell University, Sabrina is studying Fine Arts with minors in Latin American Studies and Information Science. As a Presidential Rawlings Scholar, she explores Decoloniality and Reparations of LatinX, Caribbean narratives in her artwork. Her works have been used by the LATA Studies department and Einaudi Center for International Studies and have featured in several publications and exhibitions.


Sabrina is also interested in community-building through her work as a representative on AAP's (The College of Architecture, Art, and Urban Planning) Diversity and Inclusion Council, time as the Art Major's Organization's President, and participation in various project teams. Outside of academia, she is a volunteer at the NYC Bowery Group and works with the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art on education initiatives within the arts. 



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