• Sabrina Haertig

In Conversation: Capital and Perception


In conversation with a friend:

We spoke about how when studying art in an environment that promotes study for the pursuit of capital- we've begun to see our artworks as products. And we have to execute these products with perfection to avoid wasting materials or time. We concern ourselves with materials and time as if we are a company involved with preserving our market integrity and fulfilling consumer expectations. But these concerns are detrimental. This capital-driven mentality paralyzes creation rather than encourages it. The process of art-making is not a formulaic assembly line; it can lead anywhere. This goes with the issues I have viewing artists as "brands" or "curations." Identity and brand are not synonymous. That perception allows no space for discovery, play, or to make mistakes. Every stroke of a brush or click of a camera is reduced to cost. But market participation is not obligatory. We are not the value of our works as we are not our works themselves. We are just individuals, and we sometimes create. Seeing the individual through metrics of value and utility is blindness. And it is through this blindness that audiences perceive art today.

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